May 15, 2023

Raising Awareness of World IBD Day

This baseball season is off to a great start! Fans are loving the new MLB rules and the Marlins are playing some exciting baseball.

In addition to the action on the field, May is a special month for me, my wife Cynthia and my family and our philanthropy, The Bruce and Cynthia Sherman Charitable Foundation. We personally recognize the accomplishments of individuals who fight to overcome Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The disease has impacted our family and continues to cause suffering for numerous other families. Crohn’s is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that targets a patient’s digestive tract and affects nearly 3 million people in the world.

World IBD Day is May 19, a time to address the fact there is currently no cure for these diseases. Patients endure endless doctor visits, drug protocols, surgeries and hospitalizations, and drastic lifestyle changes. Spreading awareness of these diseases is our mission. That’s why we were fortunate to highlight the incredible work of Dr. Maria Abreu with the University of Miami Health System. As a Sherman Prize recipient and the chair of our 2023 selection committee, she threw out the ceremonial first pitch for IBD Awareness Day at the Marlins game on May 17.

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