Prize Leadership

The Sherman Prize was created by Bruce and Cynthia Sherman in 2016, who founded the Prize in the spirit of making a difference in the fight to overcome Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. As a family touched by Crohn’s, the Shermans created the Prize — the first of its kind in IBD — as a way to elevate great achievements, creating awareness and inspiring future excellence.

To assist in the selection of annual Sherman Prize recipients, the Shermans enlist the support of the Sherman Prize Selection Committee — five of the nation’s preeminent IBD researchers, clinicians, scholars and healthcare providers representing diverse areas of expertise.


Following our annual call for nominations, the Selection Committee conducts an extensive review of the candidates, focusing on which body of work had the most significant, enduring and inspiring impact in the fight to overcome Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

For the Sherman Prize, the committee seeks individuals with extraordinary track records of achievement making exceptional and pioneering contributions, transforming IBD care and inspiring tomorrow’s innovators.

For the Sherman Emerging Leader Prize, the committee looks for an individual making impressive contributions early in his or her career and demonstrating strong potential to make an even greater impact in the future.

We typically receive a large number of qualified candidates from various disciplines in the field of IBD. While choosing the recipients can be challenging, the Sherman Prize selection process helps ensure that the best, most qualified nominees in a given year are selected for recognition.

After the formal review, the Committee’s recommendations are presented to the Sherman Prize Board of Directors, who make the final decision. The deliberation process is confidential. Only details of the final prize recipients will be made public.

Meet the Selection Committee