November 30, 2022

The Sherman Prize 2022: Uma Mahadevan, MD

Dr. Mahadevan is one of the recipients of the Sherman Prize in 2022, which is awarded to “clinicians, surgeons, researchers and/or academics with extraordinary track records of achievement, making exceptional and pioneering contributions that transform IBD care.”

She has been the motive force behind the PIANO (Pregnancy Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Neonatal Outcomes) Registry, which now includes more than 2,000 women, designed to evaluate and improve outcomes of pregnancy among women with IBD and their offspring. This groundbreaking study has demonstrated that women with IBD can safely continue taking biologics and thiopurines throughout their pregnancies and while breastfeeding. The findings of PIANO have also led to the development of joint care pathways between the American Gastroenterology Association and the Society for Maternal and Fetal Medicine to guide the treatment of pregnant women with IBD.

Uma Mahadevan, MD, is professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), director of the UCSF Colitis and Crohn’s Disease Center, and director of the Advanced IBD Fellowship.

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